Sunday, November 10, 2013

TPP Presents: Ryan Travis Christian and Marcie Oakes exhibition "American Landscapes and Stuff"

This month TPP is proud to present the dual exhibition titled “American Landscapes and Stuff” of Chicago based artists Ryan Travis Christian and Marcie Oakes. Both have a BFA from North Illinois University and have been showing constantly around the USA.  Oakes has an upcoming solo show at the McHenry Community College in 2014 and Christian will have his own at Western Exhibitions in 2014.
Ryan Travis Christian

Ryan Travis Christian

Marice Oakes

Marcie Oakes

Oakes works colored drawings which depict landscapes and great depth and shades of colors that captivate the audience and within the abstraction makes you look and search for different forms and figures.  Although for this exhibition she will exhibit black and white paintings.

Ryan Travis Christian on the other hand is well known for his graphite drawings which depict his own fascinating world of illustration and abstractions along with his satiric/sarcastic insights. A really complex and creative imagery that is ever-changing that helps create and share with us, his own private Idaho.

For more information and to see other works from Marcie Oakes visit:

For more information and examples of Ryan’s work please visit:

The exhibition will run from November and extend until December 2013. We will visit our mandatory visits to the Escuela de Artes Plasticas and University of Puerto Rico (Rio Piedras Campus).  At Artejangueo 7 (Anniversary Celebration) on December the drawings will be shown alongside some of our other artists including, Nelson Figueroa, Jose Ortiz, Tim Bergstrom, Manuel Rodriguez, Omar Velazquez, Rafael Miranda, Sebastian Vallejo and others.

All works are priced at $500 or under. For inquiries please call Alexis Figueroa at 787-409-6983 or email us at