Thursday, June 6, 2013

TPP is proud to present Suzanne Broughel's “Bleach Bronzed”

Glittering self-tanning lotions, “nude” stockings, white-out, cotton twine – mundane materials from everyday life are what New York artist Suzanne Broughel uses to make works that question post-racial fantasies and colorblind dreams.   

 “Bleach Bronzed is Broughel first solo show at TPP and Puerto Rico in which she presents a series of small sculptures and works on paper that transform ordinary consumer items into reflections of our present moment: post Civil Rights, with the first Black U.S. President, yet still lacking the true equality striven for in the social movements of the 1960’s and 70’s.  Using materials found in the aisles of office supply outlets, dollar stores, and health and beauty chains, her references range from the free-flowing cultural appropriation of “hippie” and “New Age” styles to the stark cultural erasure inherent in gentrification.
In her “White Liberal Hustler Series”, she experiments with a tie-dye motif on folded paper featuring patterns made with her own fingerprint marks – hinting at self-implication.  In her fabric sculptures titled “Emancipate (Dreamcatcher Series)”, more traditional tie-dye techniques appear, delivered via decidedly non-traditional materials.  The fabric sculpture titled “How to Gentrify” is a study in bleaching out by way of discount store goods.

Suzanne Broughel’s work has been exhibited at P.S. 1/MOMA, Marlborough Gallery, The University of Memphis, Rush Arts Gallery, and Longwood Art Gallery, among other spaces. She was a 2008 participant at Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, and included in the Emerge 8 Program at Aljira Center for Contemporary Art.  Broughel is the recipient of fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts and A.I.R. Gallery, and was selected for the 2010 Triangle Artists Workshop.

The exhibition will open on June 13th at Calle Cerra #625 in Santurce. We will support the opening of Galeria 20/20 which will be exhibiting Tony Rodriguez first solo show titled "Pandamonium" starting at 7:00pm. TPP will be parked at Calle Cerra right besides the entrance of the Gallery. Works are priced in the $150-$500 range.
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