Monday, June 5, 2023

Urban Canvas at Distrito T-Mobile - Saki Sacarello Dreaming the Dream and Pedro Velez Jardin Secreto Solo Exhibitions at TPP

This past May 26-28 of May, 2023, TPP had it's first physical in over 5 years working together with our sponsor Distrito T-Mobile for the Urban Canvas Art Festival. We were scheduled to have 2 trailers one for each artist but unfortunately one of the trailers were were going to get did not arrived so we had to improvise. Both artists came together to split the trailer we got because we all know the show must go on.

We had a lot of fun and had a new experience in a new environment of people who are not part of the art scene so getting people inside a gallery which is a term a lot of people don't know or understand was a challenge on day one. Lots of people looked intrigued from outside but were afraid to come in or didn't understood why we were there. We literally had to tell them it's open for you guys to see and talk. Things got better the second and third day of the show.

Funnest part was seeing kids look at the paintings, other telling their parents they wanted to go in and see but have their parents pull them away and not let them go in to investigate. Kids always have the best feedback, the most random comments and see stuff sometimes the artist nor myself see. Always love a different perspective and an honest point of view.

Loved seeing some of my long time sponsors and clients come around and the best part was my mom came over to see the show. After setting the show up, the artists and myself went to get coffee with and drinks with friends and collectors which is always fun. Saki and Pedro were on site all weekend for the pop up show and Saki brought his newborn on Sunday along with his family it was really a family oriented event and lots of families saw the show which is a big thing to me.

We also had artist The Stencil Network painting his gigantic mural which will be the centerpiece of Distrito's entrance to their premisses. The mural is still in progress but looks amazing and you can actually see it from across the bay in Catano.

We are very happy and proud to have had the chance to set up this show and we can't wait for next year were we are going to present for the Urban Canvas Festival.  I want to thank the Distrito T-Mobile staff as they went above and beyond to help and make sure we were well taken care off, it was a real pleasure working with you guys and hope we can do this again next year.

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