Sunday, October 15, 2023

TPP Jotham Malave - Limited Edition Silkscreen

Last summer we restarted our limited edition silkscreen project to keep the print alive as part of our long tradition of Carteles in the Island’s art history.

Our new silkscreen print is titled “No mas espera” and it depicts some figures struggling to survive as part of Malave’s ongoing series of Puerto Rico’s condition and how we as a country have to hustle every day to survive and as every day passes we encounter new problems being by forces of nature or by the corruption of the system but it never ceases to end. We go from survival mode to survival mode and have been living in these conditions for the past 75 years. 

Malave is a figurative art professor in Pennsylvania that has little by little at such a young age exhibited his works in solo exhibitions at some of Puerto Rico’s major museums and has had his works become part of some of the Island’s most important private collections.

Jotham Malave who just this past month moved back to Puerto Rico to become full-time resident of the Casita de los Artistas in Bayamon, Puerto Rico where the mayor has built a community for artists in residence where they select a handful of artists to have a studio and an apartment for a couple of years helping the artists develop and produce concentrating in their work and not having to worry about housing or studio rent. This is the most coverted residency program in Puerto Rico and one of the best programs I’ve ever seen helping struggling artists become focused and working on their careers and next moves and has proven to work perfectly as some of them have gained critical acclaim and pushed them to higher and better career moves in the international art world. 

We are very happy and proud of the result as this is a reminder we are survivors and is a way to commemorate our people's resilience every day.

The silkscreen was produced by La Serigrafica by printers Oscar, Steven, and Laura in their Rio Piedras Location. They have done a great job capturing Malave’s work with a single color. Amazing job.


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