Friday, November 17, 2023

TPP photos of our booth at Arte BA 2014

 I never got to posting the photos of our booth at the Arte BA Art Fair in Buenos Aires, Argentina back in 2014. I had just moved to Chicago and as a small alternative gallery I had to do the impossible to make it happen. So much that I couldn't even make it there but was sure to send all the exhibiting artists and the show curator to make the trip so they could work on their careers and expanding their work beyond our Island. The team was curator Bianca Ortiz-Declet and artists Omar Velazquez, Karlo Ibarra, Sebastian Vallejo (did't make the trip) and Bobby Cruz.

I'm posting now cause I found the email with the pics they 9 years after the fair but as this website is to document the gallery's journey, it is important to post it and as they say better late than never. 

Here are a few pics of the exhibited works and some pics of the booth the day of the opening before doors opened. Thanks to all that helped and the artists for representing the gallery and Puerto Rico's art scene down in Argentina.

Booth Overall View

Omar Velazquez

Sebastian Vallejo

Karlo Ibarra

Bobby Cruz

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