Sunday, October 15, 2023

TPP Bichota Limited Edition Print by Chu

 As our print project goes forward in full throttle, we are trying to produce at least 1 print a month. As the project continues to evolve we are introducing designers, not exclusive fine artists, so we can also include some pop art artworks that react to our everyday cultural phenomena and situations we encounter in the newspapers and social media while having fun with not-so-serious art along the way. 

Our first designer Chu is a seasoned well-respected designer and a dear friend also known as my brother from another mother. He designs all my project logos including my Cabra Tours and the others which you can check out on my Instagram pages 





Bichota pint has been in the making way before the Barbie. Movie craze, It was thought after reggaeton artist Karol G introduced her worldwide hit song titled Bichota. Chu and I sit down or talk over the phone constantly thinking of cool designs to create and this one was a top priority yet because of budget restrictions I could not produce it before but with the announcement of the film premiere, I made a few moves to make it possible and get it out there as soon as possible to launch along with the movie's premiere all across the USA. 

This artwork is a homage to the feminist and woman empowerment movement that is heading in the right direction and we are happy to create this piece that shows support to this very needed and important movement that helps shape our society way better than the way it is set up.

It's a 3 color silkscreen printed by Laura, Oscar, and Steven at La Serigrafica print shop in Rio Piedras. 

The price for this print is $50 each or $65 shipped. This specific series of pop art designs we will try to keep at a price under $75. @laserigraficapr

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